The Secret of Life

LLi - Fall 2017

The Secret of Life

What's the "Secret of Life"? No, not financial rewards nor love (although these help). The secret of life are the processes that take ordinary chemicals and transform them into living things.

We'll discuss how these process operate in six sessions. No prior knowledge of biology, chemistry, or genetics is required. Questions, criticisms, and comments are encouraged.

Class Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, Sept 13, 1 PM
  • Wednesday, Sept 20, 1 PM
  • Wednesday, Oct 18, 1 PM
  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 1 PM
  • Wednesday, Nov 1, 1 PM
  • Wednesday, Nov 8, 1 PM


  • Triumphant Love Lutheran Church, 9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)

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